(Interest Free Loan)

The overall goal of introducing Qarz-e-Hasna is to improve society's socioeconomic status by assisting financially disadvantaged students and instilling in them the desire to repay the community once they are financially secure. Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme is available, with the valuable support of various donors.


All Full-time/Part-time students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate morning/evening programs, who are facing financial constraints can apply for interest free loan (Qarz e Hasna) to pay their tuition fee during their study period.

The external donor will evaluate as per their specified criteria and will cover the program fees of students on a "Need cum Merit" basis.

Qarz e Hasna can be applied through below links:



Ibrahim Alam

IHSAN TRUST Loan facility is the easiest to avail. Both my brother (also an IBA graduate) and I have benefitted from it. The amount can be repaid online via e-banking, which is extremely convenient and swift. Alhumdulillah, Ihsan Trust made my dream to study at IBA come true.

Ibrahim Alam
Ihsan Trust

Marium Usman

The entire process of acquiring loan from Oraan has been very effortless. And the fact that I could contact their team on WhatsApp whenever I needed to, made it all so convenient. I am at ease, knowing that I can easily pay monthly instalments online without any tedious process. I would recommend it to all!

Marium Usman

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